Di-Maccio having finished his formal training, he was able to start teaching ; he was awarded the title of Professor after having taught for a year and after having written a thesis on his chosen subject : Morphopsychology.

"From the beginning of my studies I was extremely interested in morphopsychology, which to me seems to reflect the very essence of each individual. I believe that humankind is the most amazing creature that can be found on this planet. Thus, despite becoming professor of 'Art Plastique', I continued to study both morphopsychology and anatomy".

The picture which formed his thesis reflected all types of technique, both classic and modern, using all mediums, including pastels, oils, and water colours. This work gained him "le certificat d'aptitude pédagogique" with honours. For the next few years he devoted his time to teaching, while further developing his unique style. He showed his works at exhibitions at les salons des artistes français, at les Independents and at le salon d'automne. In 1978 one of his paintings caught the attention of the director of a new gallery. He and Di-Maccio agreed to work together on an exhibition, which was a great success. After a second successful exhibition Di-Maccio decided to give up teaching to devote himself full time to creating works of art.

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