Angelique Jonkers has been transforming jewelry into exquisite works of art for over a decade. Inspired by her fascination with jewelry and ornamentation, Angelique has specialized in large wall hanging creations of 1 sq. m. or larger

She incorporates age-old gemstones (amethyst, agate, turquoise, labradorite, moonstone and many other semiprecious stones) into her wall art, capturing the stones' inner beauty and wealth. Angelique combines gemstones with silver, coral, shells, baroque pearls and many other materials to add an element of brilliance to her work. Her "wall jewelry" exemplifies influences from the decorative designs of Renaissance and Baroque jewelry. In addition to her 3D works Angelique has devised, together with her husband, John (a professional art photographer), an innovative technique for photographing her pieces at very high resolution (80 million pixels) and printing them onto plexiglas, laminated with gold or silver foil. Angelique's artworks are ideal for display in large spaces. The artist currently has an exhibition at La Bottega in Hasselt, Belgium. Angelique will also be exhibiting at FLEURAMOUR in the castle of Alden Biesen from 23rd of September to the 26th of September 2016.

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