My works are a composite of subject matter, technique and personal experience.

I approach interpretation in a variety of ways, my aim being to use as much as possible of the vocabulary of art than rather be confined to the strict limits of one medium, one technique or subject. My main interest is in figurative painting and portraiture.

Mostly I start painting spontaneously - caused by an all-day experience, emotions and although photographs - my aim is to evoke this emotions with my paintings. Recently my work has developed a freer style, particularly in the use of line, which I apply to both figurative work and my growing interest in landscape.

I was born in Austria, restarted painting during my years in Sweden, studied painting at the art academy Antwerpen Noord in Belgium and graduated right before my move to Switzerland were I live and work now since 2011. Single and group exhibitions in Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland, Basel.

  • 1958 born in Rohrbach, Austria
  • 2000-2003 lived and worked in Gothenburg/Sweden - restart with painting/watercolours
  • 2003-2011 lived and worked in Antwerp/Belgium
  • 2005-2011 studied painting at art academy "Antwerpen Noord" - specialisation painting - Diploma
  • Oct. 2011 moving to Switzerland - self-employed artist - lives and works in Frenkendorf, Basel, coordinator and curator at frontofbicycle art agency

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