Tine Swerts loves to depict nature and particularly water in every form.

Her art is influenced by light reflections on water, the ever-changing game of color mutation, of reflection and refractions.
The liquid element, erratic and stagnation, is a constant source of inspiration and wonder to the artist.
L'eau : mysterieuse, changeante, insaisissable, paradoxale, comme la Vie

Tine (Albertine, Helene) Swerts
Graduated in 2011 from "St Lucasacademie voor Plastische Kunst", Hoogboom / Kapellen

"Light in Art" Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, 2013.
"Espace Art Gallery" Bruxelles, solo (au fil de l'O'), 2013
"Les Houles" St Gildas/ France, 2014
"Contrasten" Kunst Groep Schilde, 2015
"Vluchtig" Kunst Groep Schilde, 2016
And other group exhibitions

More information: www.helunasart.be

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